From the imaginational mind of Public Joy Creator, Mike Bennett, the Bennett Buddies are the adorably absurd friends whose personalities are anything but flat. Now, thanks to a magical portal that opened up in Mike’s garage, the Bennett Buddies can travel directly to you, in the form of yard signs, stickers, and A WHOLE LOT MORE niftyness on the way!

Sofia, Sonny, and Terrance | Buddy Up Safety Trio
Sofia, Sonny, and Terrance | Buddy Up Safety Trio
Sofia, Sonny, and Terrance | Buddy Up Safety Trio
Sofia, Sonny, and Terrance | Buddy Up Safety Trio
Sofia, Sonny, and Terrance | Buddy Up Safety Trio
Sofia, Sonny, and Terrance | Buddy Up Safety Trio

Sofia, Sonny, and Terrance | Buddy Up Safety Trio

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Why choose one when you can have all three? The Community Critters Buddy Up bundle brings together three of your favorite Buddies. Sonny the Snail, Terrance the Turtle, and Sofia the Sloth are here to make your day brighter.

This trio is on a mission, and it's no speedy one: making your neighborhood safer and your days happier with their "Slow Down" signs. They are double-sided (for maximum visibility and joy!), and committed to putting a smile on your face and a brake on neighborhood speedsters, from both directions!

Adopt this charming trio, and they'll be in no rush to leave your side! Bring home the fun (and the safety), and save 20% with our Buddy Up bundle!

Sonny, Terrance, and Sofia await to join your home and bring their civic-minded spirit to your doorstep. So why wait?

: “Sofia”: 25.07" tall x 15.16" wide, “Sonny”: 20.87" tall x 21.22" wide, “Terrance”: 14.55" tall x 26.6" side

* Free metal stakes included!

  • Eye-Catching! This funny yard sign features the creative, vibrant, and playful illustrations of Mike Bennett. Perfect for looking at and/or towards!
  • Durable! Made from superhumanly weather-resistant materials, strong enough against rain, snow, sleet, but probably not lightning.
  • UV Resistant Inks! The fun doesn’t fade, why should the colors?
  • Easy to Install! Includes metal stakes to show the ground who’s boss! But, it can also be mounted to any wall, post, or other surface you’re legally allowed to put stuff on!
  • Safety First! Real talk, studies have shown that areas with slow signs can lower average speeds and reduce the likelihood of accidents. Pretty nifty, huh?
  • Multipurpose! Not just for yards! Our witty lawn signs will look equally great inside a home, in a parking lot, or at The Louvre!
  • The Perfect Gift for Anyone! Especially, but not limited to, people who would appreciate it if you gave them just about anything (grandmas, postal workers, etc…).
  • Bad Vibe-Free! Produced in an exclusively good vibe facility, with strict quality control measures, ensuring no sign contains more than 20ppm (parts per million) of bad vibes.


We Shrunk The Buddies
Bitsy Buddies

Honey, we shrunk the Buddies! They’re the Bitsy Buddies, the smallest critters with the biggest versatility! Stick a pin on them to make a . Pin a stick on them to liven up a potted plant. Use them as pieces to make your bored game an adored game! Glue them to a bike and tell all your friends “look what I glued to my bike! The possibilities are mathematically endless (citation needed)!

Introducing the Community Critters

Meet the Community Critters, the civic-minded Bennett Buddies with a passion for keeping your town amazing. After marching down to City Hall and filling out the relevant paperwork, this municipal menagerie formed a department dedicated to waving helpful, day-brightening signs in your neighborhood. Their office even has a microwave!

Click here, citizen, to learn more about the team and how to request the Community Critters to patrol your area!

About the Flamingo Flock

They’re the undisputed barons of boogie, the monarchs of mambo, the flamingos of flamenco! The Flamingo Flock is the fancy footworking five-tet that’s taking the dancing world by storm! And now, they’re looking to perform at the hottest venue in town…your lawn! 

Click here to learn about booking the Flamingo Flock for a residency at your place!

who's mike bennett?

Cartoonist and Public Joy Creator, Mike Bennett, is the Bennett Buddies' best buddy, and any buddy of the Bennett Buddies should be a buddy of yours...buddy.